6 Steps to creating a heavenly space with VK

Apr 14, 2021 | Design

Step 1. Let’s talk

Our initial consultation with you at our showroom is completely free of charge. It’s an opportunity for us to get to know you better and understand what your priorities are.

Step 2. More talking

During our second consult we delve a little deeper and work out what you really need in a room-by-room approach. We also get to work on formulating a budget. We work with imagery, plans, swatches, and samples to get a true sense of what you like, then clearly define how you live or work in your space.

Step 3. Schematic Design

This is where the fun begins. We go away and create your one-of-a-kind schematic design. We space plan, select furniture, rugs, art, plants, books – all the elements that go into making a room incredibly special. At the end of this planning phase, we host an exciting presentation at our place (or yours) to go through this gorgeous visual brief in a room-by-room approach.

Step 4. Procurement

We go shopping. Your carefully handpicked items (sourced locally, interstate and overseas) are all purchased, and quality inspected by our team. We arrange safe storage until all the items are ready to be delivered to site.

Step 5. The big reveal!

This is the day we have collectively all been waiting for. Hello handover day! We’ve been working behind the scenes to move all your furniture and effects into your new designer space.
Everything is where it should be. Everything is perfect. Your new home or hospitality space is a stunning true reflection of you or your company brand.


That’s our process. It’s a fun collaborative journey between us and you and the best part is at the end of it you find yourself living or working in your dream space.