Pebble Tables


Playful and practical, the organically shaped Pebble Tables offer just the right amount of whimsical to any interior or alfresco space.

Made from Magnesium Oxide, the pebbles are lightweight while still remaining sturdy and durable. They work beautifully on their own or as a set of two.

The Pebble table is made of a concrete-look clay with a fresh, white/dove grey finish. Suitable for covered outdoor areas or indoors.

Weather exposure will negatively affect the material so consider this carefully in its placement. Exposure to the sun and weather may compromise its finish, shape & longevity.


Why do we love this product? 

‘We just love the organic shape and texture of these Pebbles. They look and feel like unpolished concrete stone, and marry beautifully with a natural linen fabric sofa and a richly textured area rug.  They look gorgeous in a modern, minimalistic space or a boho inspired interior.’ 

This product is available for Pre-Order